"He who says he can & he who says he can't, are both usually right."


All I want to be is somebody to you.

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I hope my back didn’t break your knife.

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dogs = world peace 

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25. September 2014

          You’re an apple dear. A red one too. Green apples are too sour and you’re far too sweet. You’re just the perfect size, perfect color, and perfect taste. There’s nothing like you and because there is nothing like you, people tend to take a bite and leave. They have to take a bite. You’re just too good. Little do they know, every time they bite, they’re taking a part of you. Shredding you down to little pieces and swallowing you whole.  It’s sad. But here, think of this. What is the one part of an apple people never eat? The core, sweetheart. The core, that holds all the seeds needed to be planted in order for you to grow, will forever be yours. No one can dare take that from you and you should be grateful. You should look into planting those seeds, building your foundation. Grow your roots and let me water you with love. You’d grow up to be such a beautiful tree and I’ll sit under you all the time and read. You’d comfort me. You always bring comfort to me. That little slide of the hand down my back, inside my shirt. That quick ruffle through my hair. That whole eat my cheeks action. You’re so comfortable and if I had to choose to stay frozen in one place forever, it would be in your arms. That’s why I want to be with you so bad. I want to be with you because your soul knows mine. Yours asks, “Remember me?” and mine replies, “How could I ever forget?” Your spirit plays so well with mine. Despite what we look like on the outside, we are two 7 year olds playing in this world we made our play ground. We are rough tugging, laughing, chasing each other, hugging, fighting, and sleeping next to each other all the time. I’m 17 on the outside and so are you but for as long as you are around, I will forever be a free spirited kid. You make me feel that way. Alive and free. You’re hilarious, Cecily. Absolutely stomach aching hilarious. The things you say and do just put the biggest smile on my face and constantly throughout the day, I am replaying every last bit of your actions to cheer myself up because I get down a lot. You’re medicine. You’re a fresh made bed after a long day. You’re the relief of a shower after I’ve been out all day, sweaty and tired. You’re my favorite meal when I feel like I haven’t eaten in years. You’re happiness. Simple. I lack in showing this to you sometimes. I get caught up with other pointless things and lose sight of the most amazing girl in the world and how I’m lucky enough to even say, “Hey, she loves me. She really does.” I apologize for I am human and sometimes my anger and sadness takes over. But I just need your little neck kisses, maybe a couple dozen. I’m sorry it takes so many but they make me feel better and keep me feeling better. Have patience with me, sweetheart. I don’t know what it is but lately the word in church has been all about forgiveness and it really just sets my head straight and points me in the direction I’m supposed to go in. You. I’m made to love and forgive you always and that’s why I’m here, writing this to you. This one is for you, dear.